When I first heard of egg coffee, the first image that formed in my mind was the raw egg being cracked on top of the coffee and slowly cooked by the coffee’s warmth. Tell me I’m not the only one thinking this way 😛

Egg coffee has two layers – the top layer is essentially egg yolk whisked to frothy goodness with sweetened condensed milk while the bottom layer is simply your conventional Vietnamese coffee. There’s no egg white at all!

Being one who doesn’t fancy coffee at all, I’m surprised to say that I’ve fallen in love with egg coffee (ca phe trung) in Vietnam. Egg coffee is mostly found in Hanoi and in my two months there, I’ve tried three egg coffee cafes – Dinh Cafe, Giang Cafe and Cafe Pho Co. Dinh was average, Giang’s THE BEST and Pho Co’s close behind. Giang was fabulous to the extent that I visited it FIVE times within two months. Google search “best egg coffee in Vietnam” and Giang evidently tops the charts!

So what’s there to love about egg coffee even for non-coffee lovers like me? The rich, creamy, custard-like top layer blending with the coffee beneath gives you the heavenly blending of sweet and bitter. It feels like both a beverage and a dessert to me and it’s… awesome. I recommend you to sip a bit of the top layer and savor the sweet creaminess on its own before stirring and mixing both layers together.

1. Giang Cafe


Ca Phe Trung Da – iced egg coffee (my favorite!)

Just by looking at that layer of creaminess induces INTENSE cravings. Ohmygod it’s THAT good.


Ca Phe Trung served in a bowl of hot water to retain the heat (I love this as well!)


Enter the small lane and walk all the way straight in! Don’t be intimidated. You can walk up to level 2 too where the atmosphere’s great with everyone drinking coffee and chatting away.

Address: 39 Nguyen Huu Huan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Prices: 20,000 VND (SGD 1.25)


2. Cafe Pho Co


Life’s good when you can sip away on your iced egg coffee while visually feasting on the stunning Hoan Kiem lake. Take the stairs till you reach the topmost level (i.e. level 5) to get the best view and the best breeze.


Wonderful size with wonderfully whisked egg yolk dayumz!

The reason why I feel Giang’s egg coffee beats Pho Co’s: There is a slight raw egg yolk taste in Pho Co’s which doesn’t taste very pleasant, while Giang’s execution of the egg coffee was impeccable as the egg yolk was thoroughly whisked with the right amount of sweetened condensed milk – till it’s superbly fragrant with no raw taste lingering. Don’t get me wrong though, as Cafe Pho Co’s egg coffee deserves a try still. It’s STILL GOOD.

Pho Co’s egg coffee is also slightly stronger and more distinct than Giang’s. Just by a tweeny weeny bit.


You’ll be greeted by this ancient courtyard that makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time to those olden days.


Address: 11 Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Prices: 40,000 VND (SGD 2.50)

The fact that I went back to Cafe Giang five times surely tells something about how fantastic it is. One of my friends had EIGHT cups of iced egg coffee at one go #extreme. I would even say that it is pretty dumb to not try egg coffee in Hanoi. GO. TRY . IT. You’ll probably get infatuated with this lovely beverage.


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