2.5 months in Hanoi last summer and I departed for home with a fish ball face (i.e. round and fat) and 4 kg extra body weight #notkidding. I’ve tried SO MUCH food that I can confidently tell you what is worth every ounce of fat gained. Mark my words. 😉

From slurping away on piping hot pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) at dodgy roadside stalls with zero regard for the potentially fatal aftermath in the toilet, to discovering a Russian cafe (thanks to my foodie interns) where I tasted such delectable desserts that still linger in my mind, to dining in a Japanese restaurant that serves melt-in-your-mouth wagyu beef, to delighting in Mediterranean cuisine and to devouring more, more and more.

Went where the locals went, where the tourists flocked, and ate like a bottomless pit. Every place was special and different in their execution of the food, atmosphere, ambience, service and not to mention cleanliness. A strong stomach helps.


This place is severely underrated on TripAdvisor but IT’S SO GOOD THAT I NEED TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT. I hope it earns a higher profile for itself soon. THIS:


My friend and I chanced upon it while hunting for our dinner – LUCKY US. This stall sits literally right next to the road. ROADSIDE stall at its best. My kind of ambience. See that rightmost lady on the picture above? She’s friendly and can speak English, Chinese and Vietnamese. Ordering becomes easy peasy when the owner’s multilingual.

How to order? 1. Pick up a basket. 2. Ask for the prices ’cause different sticks cost different. 3. Pick and throw ’em sticks into your basket. 4. Ask for a banh mi (baguette) if you want – please do, this banh mi is my one true love.

And the more important question – which sticks to pick? Verdict: GO FOR THE MOUTH-WATERING, SUPREMELY TENDER OSTRICH MEAT. Pricey at 30,000 VND per stick (SGD 1.90) but you know it’s more than worth it when the tenderness and flavor unravel in your mouth. The bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms were delicious too! Everything’s generally very well-marinated.


Take a moment to admire that baguette glistening in its honey and butter crusty coat.

The ostrich meat you see above (stick furthest from baguette) was DIVINE.


The chicken with green peppers was kinda ordinary though.


Bird’s eye view. If I’m a bird and I see this, I’m surely gonna launch my attack and steal all those chunks of meat.


Those stools you see above was originally where we sat but the police came and we had to “evacuate” to the other side of the stall which was just seconds across this road. The scene was amusing.


Address: 66 Hang Bong Street

Price: From 20,000 VND per stick (SGD 1.25)

Presenting to you, Thai Dat – where I patronized THRICE, each time with a different friend.


First time with my beautiful Chi-Indo friend here 🙂


Second time with my crazy “daughter” from Hongkong 😀


Third time with my all-time-favorite eating partner who came from S’pore just to find me :*)

All three of them LOVED it! I really, really love the joy that fills me when I see my friends relishing the food I bring them to try. Also, I almost never do go back to the same place more than once when I’m overseas ’cause I always want to try other things instead BUT this BBQ here’s too scrumptious hence it was one of the few rare exceptions.

Now take my money and give me five more of those ostrich meat, and banh mi x 1 as well please.


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