Nobody starts a post talking about something completely irrelevant to the title but it has been so long since I’m on this space and I just had to first proclaim how amazing a feeling it is to have the time to write all over again. ūüôā

No fancy post ahead; just a succinct one to help you decide if trekking up Mt. Batur should be up on your to-do-list the next time you’re in Bali! I loved every bit of the trek and personally¬†would absolutely recommend this to anyone who loves trekking and watching sunrise (and wouldn’t mind waking up at 2 am).¬†THE VIEW WAS AMAZING.

Before deciding to climb there’re usually three main questions in one’s head so here goes.


1. How high, how long and how hard to climb?

Mt. Batur is 1717 metres above sea level and can be summit in around two hours for most people of average fitness. “Average fitness” is really subjective but I’d say if you exercise for at least once a week you’re all good for this! Here’s a rough gauge: I ran around three times a week during that period and would rate the difficulty level about 2/10 with 10 being toughest.

The trek starts off easy with largely flat terrains. It only gets slightly harder after awhile as it gets steeper with the considerable distance between some of the rocks, where you will need to exert more strength and lift your legs higher. This can get tiring for some, nonetheless manageable for most.

Verdict: Not hard to climb. For an alternative view do check here out. 


2. Is the experience worth the sweat and money?

Answering this needs no hesitation; I have zero qualms about saying it is SUPER WORTH. 

You get to trek under the company of stars in the night sky, eat breakfast with a view at the summit, and take in the beauty of the sun gloriously inching its way up the horizon – leaving you in awe of how subtle yet spectacular those movements of nature are.

PHOTOS FLOOD TIME (disclaimer: unfiltered photos for the most accurate representation). Look at¬†the gradual, lovely¬†changes in the sky’s colours:


And here’s our breakfast – boiled eggs + bread slathered with banana:


People-watching and flower-watching HAHA:


And just when you thought it’s only about the gorgeous view at the summit, you’ll be delighted at the pretty views on your way down too:


For views like that, 100% of me will tell you to experience it and be enthralled. Second time in Bali and this sunrise trek¬†remains to be one of my most memorable experience. ūüôā


3. How to get there?

Go for the tour and you¬†will be picked up at your hotel at around 2-3 am depending on which part of Bali you stay in. You’ll reach the base at around 3.45 am and start climbing at 4 am.


Other details:

We went with Bali Golden Tour and you can find details such as the itinerary and price inclusions here.

Price: USD50/pax for 1-2 people, USD45/pax for 3-4 people and USD40/pax for 5-6 people.

Things to wear/bring: Non-slippery hiking/sports shoes*, comfortable long pants, jacket (8-15 degree celsius at the summit), light-weight camera and torch (just in case the one provided by the tour guide dies on you). Some small bites might be good if you think you’re gonna get hungry.

*Trekking shoes will be ideal for the best grip, although I did it with sports shoes and felt it was fine Рexcept for the descending part where it can get very slippery.


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