The ephemerality of life’s moments makes us cherish them, knowing that the exact same moment will never happen again.

We thus seek to immortalize it through photography. There is comfort in locking them down into memory cards, according some sort of permanency to these otherwise fleeting moments. It is after all always nice to look back at old photos and reminisce about those good times, which often plants a smile on my face or throws me into a fit of laughter, naturally and effortlessly. Yet ironically they also remind us of the reality that we won’t be able to experience the same intensity of positive emotions we sometimes yearn to feel again.

Our memory is inherently fallible. With time what we remember diminishes in clarity; the once vivid memories blur. Consciously or subconsciously, we photograph and document the experiences we never want to forget, the people we are afraid to lose.

My latest trip to Krabi was filled with lovely experiences, and I’d love to cement those transient moments in my head through documenting them below. They weren’t extraordinary ones, yet so much joy can be found in their ordinariness. Contentment and simplicity’s such a beautiful pairing 🙂

img_79861This was the view from the balcony of our accommodation. To sit and relish the view while taking in the crisp mountain air felt truly therapeutic. Albeit short, it felt like a much needed recovery for the semi-worn out soul (reminder to self: stop rushing all my life and learn to take things slower).

p1020705First street food we had in Krabi! This was along Aonang’s walking street.  The satisfaction gained was amplified at a fraction of the cost of the unsatisfying and pricey meal we had before this. YAY TO YUMMY STREET FOOD!!

P1020918.JPGMad love for these pancakes. Most go for the Nutella one but give the peanut with banana a try! The melted peanut on the hot pancakes was SO GOOD.

p1020744These kiddos were learning English and it was super heartening seeing them so earnest and genuine about it. :’) Just look at the exchange of glances between my mum and the little girl aww. I really hope they master the English language one day and that their positive attitude will bring them far in life.

img_76491SNORKELING! My sis won’t let me off if she sees this glam photo of her HAHAHA. Not depicted in the photo but this was the time where we witnessed a few people (grown-ups) clinging onto the boat’s ladder and refusing to let go omg hilarious sight I swear HAHA. Also one of my family members kinda overcame his/her fear of the sea this time round and I’m so happy about that!! 🙂

img_76851There was a sudden downpour before we managed to have our lunch (pictured above) in peace. The trays containing the food weren’t covered and there wasn’t adequate shelter to fit everyone/everything. My family’s reaction was super fast and we “rescued” everyone’s lunch with improvisation of shelter using a sarong LOL. Okay back to the main point: This looked so simple but it tasted SUPERB. The warmth of the rice and side dishes that went down our throats felt extraordinarily good maybe because we were drenched and cold. Or maybe because there’s just something so special about simple fares like this.

p1020926Tastiest tom yam fried rice EVER. Came in a heart shape how cute. Might marry someone who can whip this up for me #TOMYAMISLOVE. The spiciness was ON POINT and set my whole mouth on fire. That sheer bliss that consumed me at that very first mouthful. It was not very blissful in the toilet the next day though HAHA. Did I mention we waited close to an hour for this to be served. Got us so HANGRY. Note: The serving time of food in Krabi (except roadside stalls) is usually long, so be patient and be prepared to waitttttttttt.

p1020941BEST MANGO MILKSHAKE – one whole mango + milk. No sugar, no sweetener, no condensed milk or whatsoever. The sweetness came purely from the mango itself. This was MANGO HEAVEN. Strong contender of Boracay’s famous Jonah’s milkshake. Just give me another cup of this right now please.

img_77241This might be the most unforgettable moment of our entire trip HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. We refused to condone the deplorable attitude of a tuk tuk driver (long story) and ended up walking back to our accommodation under the rain. #300bahtnoway. I started laughing at us halfway because we looked so silly walking on the road. Surely a moment to remember and we made a joke out of this entire incident back in our accommodation – it still cracks me up now. -hand sign-

img_78551The climb up Railay’s viewpoint – continuous ascent from the beginning till the end. ALL THE WAY. Steep but short climb. The ropes were useless because they were wet and slippery. Thank goodness for all the solid huge branches which helped me a lot in pulling myself up. Truth be told I was a little intimidated when I saw the steep starting point and with people descending looking all tired and muddy. But soon enough the sense of thrill took over and I could feel myself mindfully enjoying every bit of it! LOVED IT.

img_78651Thank you shoes for bringing me to places and taking me on adventures. If you had feelings you would probably hate me for making you muddy and dirty but I love you so much hehehe sports shoes will always be my favorite kind of shoes. Here’s a commemorative photo of your battered state HAHA.

p1030015Fried Thai pork mmmmmm DAMN GOOD. Tip: The best time to buy them is when you see them freshly fried! This was at Krabi Town Walking Street which opens only on Fridays and weekends, where you will be stuffed with the multitude of food stalls to choose from!

img_22301A different kind of reunion, soaking in the good vibes and liveliness of the place 😀 Truckloads of love for these two VIPs in my life. Tip: When you’re there early find a table first because it is hard to find one once it gets crowded. Your legs will be thankful.

img_79651Our last night there and here’s us on the public “bus” with fancy lights. It was really interesting to notice the different people that came on board – there were the tired ones but whom still possessed the energy to be assertive when they thought they got shortchanged, the pair who was secretly smiling to themselves (apparently amused by the conversation going on between my family and the couple) and the couple whom we had a good conversation with. The drivers tried to cheat us to alight midway but no way did we let that happen HAHA.

And then there are those moments uncaptured. They may dilute in my mind, but will remain ever so warm in my heart.

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